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How Can Reflexology Help with Infertility?

Research has shown that stress can have a huge affect on the reproductive hormones contributing to infertility, and as reflexology is a deeply relaxing, holistic experience it will leave you feeling rejuvenated and de-stressed, helping your body to work more harmoniously.

The Unquantifiable Benefits of Reflexology for Fertility.

Is reflexology the new cure for infertility?

Reflexology: can it aid fertility?


Reflexology support for fertility

Every client I work with is very individual and it’s an absolute privelidge to be part of their unique fertility journey. Here’s a small cross section of client testimonials💜.

At 37 yrs old and suffering with recurrent miscarriages, all the test results pointed to me going through early menopause, and I was told IVF would be my only hope. I had a limited egg quantity left, which in turn usually means poor egg quality too, and the success rates with my test results were low even then. I was put on a fertility drug before we proceeded to IVF in a last ditch attempt at plumping up my follicles and getting a healthy egg. I spent hours a day reading up about anything and everything that could help me. I ended up taking quite a few supplements, along side a healthy diet (being a personal trainer my diet was already pretty good) and I then read about fertility reflexology being able to help.

So with that I had already heard great things about Cheshire Natural Health in Warrington and had heard a client talk about Gaynor who worked out of there. I booked an appointment with Gaynor and got started. Gaynor was amazing and made me feel at ease talking about my fertility struggles and what I was going through, she advised some subtle changes to my diet and got me tracking some things during my cycle, she taught me what to do whilst at home out of her sessions and kept in touch throughout the month asking for updates on certain things. I started with her half way through a cycle and it was the second full cycle I had whilst seeing her that I got another positive pregnancy test, but this time it seems whatever my body needed to keep this baby, it had got, as I’m now in my third trimester with 9 weeks to go till I meet my baby girl ..... I truly believe that Gaynor was the final help I needed to make this happen for us and I couldn’t recommend her enough 💕 x

Infertility isn’t just a female issue it’s 50% male and 50% female, so it’s important that men get treated too.

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for a short time but I was feeling the pressure, and after researching holistic therapies I booked a reflexology appointment with Gaynor. I got pregnant after the first session, but sadly had a missed miscarriage. I tried all sorts to assist my body to do what it needed to do at the time and it was only after a session with Gaynor that it did.

I also had trouble getting my mind back to “normal” and had regular sessions with Gaynor. She offered a breadth of knowledge which was above and beyond what I expected and I left each session feeling positive about my fertility. I also on Gaynors recommendation went to counselling to deal with grief which really did give me strength and a positive attitude I felt I had lost.

Gaynor recommended my husband come to reflexology on his own one month. After a bit of persuasion he did and low and behold we got pregnant that weekend. We are going to meet our baby in a few short weeks. Even my husband recommends it now to his friends trying to conceive!

Secondary infertility. No Drugs Required!😀💜

My client has PCOS, with high AMH (high risk OHSS), wasn't ovulating (anovulatory cycle), irregular heavy periods (menorrhagia) lasting for several weeks, which meant she sometimes had to take a course of progesterone to stop the bleeding. Unable to use Clomid again, used to help conceive her first child, after experiencing visual disturbances told she could lose her sight, she was at a loss. They continued trying to conceive naturally for 3 years to no avail, they then had one cancelled cycle of IVF as overstimulated and developed ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), so their options were limited as far as medicated cycles were concerned. She came to me to help regulate her cycle and reduce her length of bleeding, which we achieved fairly quickly and then the next cycle she conceived naturally.

Infertility, Maternity and Postnatal. No Drugs Required

It’s always an absolute joy to help your clients achieve their baby💜.

Me and my Husband had been trying for our first baby for 6 months. Although to some this might not seem long, I just wanted to make sure that everything was okay as this was our first time trying.

Having researched holistic treatments I’d come across Gaynor and decided to book an appointment. I found Gaynor friendly supportive but mostly really informative, Gaynor really does know her stuff! Not only did I find the reflexology relaxing and something for me! Gaynor helped me understand what I could be doing to support my fertility, looking at vitamins, diet and requesting blood test from my local doctors to see if there was anything else to be aware of. It turned out I had higher than normal prolactin levels. Gaynor Went out of her way to understand and support me through this, she did her own research and sent me articles to read, holistic treatments and tailored my reflexology appointments to help reduce my prolactin levels.

Within 2 months after discovering I had high prolactin levels I fell pregnant!!!

I am now 8 weeks due from delivery and I am so thankful for Gaynor’s support I truly believe her knowledge and dedication to her clients is why I am pregnant today. Throughout my course of reflexology sessions Gaynor would text to make sure I was okay, reflexology is more than a job to Gaynor she really does go over and above and truly cares for her clients.

Thank you Gaynor I will be forever grateful!

From a mummy soon to be 💜.

After several miscarriages and being diagnosed with Uterine Killer Cells following a trial at Coventry, we thought we had the answer to our problems. Little did we know that 2 years later, we were still struggling to conceive (even though in the past, this had not been an issue) We tried everything and were due to start ivf. I wanted to try something alternative and that’s when I came across Gaynor. Having home visits is a real plus, own environment and convenient to fit around work. After the first session - I was hooked. She gave amazing advice in relation to diet, allergies and to take all the inflammation away from the body. I started to feel more relaxed and charted temps. To our surprise- within 3 sessions and having the support, we were finally pregnant! Having found the complete balance definitely assisted and I can’t thank Gaynor enough. Today I am now 34 weeks pregnant and looking forward to our baby arriving.

Thanks Gaynor!

My clients fertility journey hasn’t finished yet, but we are making progress. Very privileged to work alongside such strong women, because that’s exactly what they are💜.

It may sound out of context but thanks to my infertility issue I met Gaynor. Having to face such a difficult moment of my life meant feeling sad, nervous, depressed and very fragile. Gaynor represented for me not only an amazing expert in reflexology but also a superb human being who does her job beyond the hour of treatment. She is extremely prepared in what she is doing and follows you all the way through texting, researching and keeping in touch with you to understand on a regular basis how you feel in order to tailor each session according to your needs. She has gone out of her way to support me with her knowledge and her compassion. And definitely this made a difference in bringing my emotional state to a better place.

I truly believe her input in my journey is essential. Also the environment is very pleasant and well run. The lady at the reception Tracy greets you always with a smile and that also makes a difference.

Thank you Gaynor for all your precious assistance. The journey is not yet come to an end but with you by my side I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Another mummy soon to be💜.

Infertility, Maternity and Postnatal. Another mummy

Lovely review received from one of my fertility clients💜

Infertility, Maternity and Postnatal. Review

My client was struggling to conceive due to still breastfeeding her 2 year old at night, as a consequence she wasn't ovulating. I'm pleased to say my client is now 15 weeks pregnant at the time of posting💜

Infertility, Maternity and Postnatal. Ellie

Lovely to hear how your clients are doing post baby💜.

Infertility, Maternity and Postnatal. Catchup post baby

Two years trying, my client was diagnosed with PCOS...20 weeks at the time of posting💜

Infertility, Maternity and Postnatal. Two years trying

My client had been struggling to conceive for 18 months, primarily due to stress (20 weeks pregnant at the time of posting)💜

Infertility, Maternity and Postnatal. Emily review

My client was 21 weeks at the time of posting💜.

Treatments with Gaynor are as relaxing as they are effective. I first started seeing Gaynor to help with my sinus trouble which improved significantly and then when we were planning our first baby. She was a valuable source of advice and relaxation and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a reflexologist.

You can never underestimate the effects of stress on your health so it's important you get the right support for you💜

Infertility, Maternity and Postnatal. Review Louise Kappes

My client has PCOS, which can be problematic in terms of pinpointing ovulation, it can be anovulation (no ovulation), or sporadic💜.

I have PCOS and while I conceived my first child without difficulty when we started trying for our second I discovered I wasn’t ovulating. After seeing the GP and Consultant I was prescribed clomid and luckily we conceived on our second cycle of 50mg and I am now 16 weeks pregnant. I started seeing Gaynor a couple of months before I started taking clomid. I was very anxious about everything and had read good things about reflexology. Gaynor was wonderful and really helped put my mind at ease. She is extremely knowledgeable and has lots of experience working with women in similar situations to mine. The sessions were very relaxing and she always had lots of useful tips for me to try. She kept in regular contact outside of our sessions which I found a big source of support. I honestly couldn’t recommend Gaynor highly enough.

Fertility Reflexology for Natural Conception and Assisted Fertility (IVF).

The focus of the treatments are to work through the different stages of your cycle (menstrual, follicular, ovulation and luteal), to ensure each phase is doing what it should be doing; and address any hormonal conditions along the way, such as PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, anovulation (no ovulation), amenorrhea (no periods). We also look at nutrition, supplementation, and ensure you've undergone the right fertility tests appropriate to you and your partner, so no stone is left unturned.

Clients feedback ‘Reduced to No’ PMT, feeling more relaxed, more energised, have reduced pain (from endometriosis and periods), no clotting during bleed, sleeping better, no sugar cravings, cycles become more regulated, increased egg white cervical mucus, clear ovulation when charting their cycle.

Overall these are all positive signs your body is more in-balance, helping to improve your chances of conceiving. I often hear clients say they feel empowered because they are proactively doing something to help their fertility.


If possible, I highly recommend you come to see me a minimum of one to two months before undergoing your medicated cycle (or natural transfer), the ideal would be 3 months as it takes 90 days for your eggs to mature ready for ovulation. This gives us the opportunity to address your nutrition, supplementation, and regulate your cycle to ensure your body is doing everything it should be doing (within reason) 'to optimise egg health', and reduce inflammation, in order to increase your chances of a positive outcome. But don't worry if you think you've left it too late to start treatments, there's still a lot we can do to help you.

Crucially, treatments would then continue throughout your medicated cycle (or natural cycle if having natural frozen embryo transfer (FET)), and post transfer, working in line with your specific protocol given to you by the fertility clinic.

This certainly wont be the case for everyone, but I have on occasion had clients conceive naturally during this period of preconception care (unexplained infertility), therefore not needing to go ahead with IVF.


When couples start off on their fertility journey the emphasis is often focused on the woman, when equal emphasis should be put on both partners. Male fertility is often overlooked, but could be the key to why couples aren't getting pregnant, or are experiencing recurring miscarriage, or failed IVF or ICSI cycles.

In the first instance all men should have a semen analysis via a referral from their GP, to analyse the health and vitality of the sperm.

The test measures:
• The number of sperm (volume)
• The shape of the sperm (morphology)
• The movement of the sperm (motility)
• Antisperm antibodies (MAR)

If the test comes back with any abnormalities you may be called back to have a repeat test to see if anything was influencing the test that day, such as stress, illness or medication. In most cases life style changes could help to improve sperm quality.

Treatments for men - In the same way we can help women to improve egg quality through reflexology, nutrition and supplementation, exactly the same approach is applied to men. A course of reflexology treatments over a period of 3 months, to encourage the development of healthy sperm is recommended, before undergoing another semen analysis test; as it takes 3 months for sperm to fully mature in order to fertilise an egg.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This is all dependant on the individual, for women it's recommended that we start with 4-5 weekly treatments, depending on the length of your cycle to help regulate your period, while helping with any underlying conditions you may have such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids or PCOS, then we review. From here it may be bi-weekly, or monthly.

For men again it's dependant on their circumstances, and what underlining conditions they have, but regular reflexology treatments can help to promote circulation to the testes, helping to improve sperm quality and sexual health.

Regular Fertility Reflexology treatments, combined with some lifestyle changes can help to give you the best possible chance of a successful outcome.

Preconception Supplements

I recommend CYTOPLAN as a worldwide supplier of the highest quality preconception supplements. Cytoplan sell nutrients in the same form as those in food – wholefood and food state which are the most bioeffective available.

Interesting article on the importance of detoxification before conceiving, and the benefits of supplementation on the fertility journey.

Infertility, Maternity and Postnatal. Pregnancygaynor

Maternity Reflexology for Pregnancy and Labour

Pregnancy can be an emotional roller coaster taking it's toll on your body, reflexology can support you throughout your pregnancy helping to relax and calm you by relieving you of stress and anxiety, and may help to increase energy levels, alleviate backache, nausea, reduce swelling of ankles and feet and improve sleep. As one of Cheshire's most experienced mobile maternity reflexologists, I have treated numerous pregnant women across Cheshire, and most of my work comes via referrals.

If possible having a treatment once a month throughout your pregnancy until 36 weeks, would be wonderful for mums-to-be, preparing your body mentally and physically for what lies ahead, then progress to weekly treatments until delivery.

Studies have shown that mums-to-be who have had reflexology treatments prior to giving birth have significantly reduced pain during labour, and reduced the length of the first stage of labour (Valiani M et al – 2010 “Reviewing the effect of Reflexology on pain and outcomes of the labour of primiparous women” Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research. 15(Dec) p302-310). An earlier research study showed that first time mums who received 10 reflexology treatments prior to birth had average labour times of 5 to 6 hours. It was noted that the group treated with reflexology needed far less pain relief during labour too. (G. Motha and J. McGrath – 1992 “The effects of reflexology on labour outcome”).

Supplements For Pregnancy

To buy high quality supplements for pregnancy, as used and recommended by practitioners please click the link CYTOPLAN were they'll be happy to give you advice on the best supplements for you.

Or call: 01684 310099

Natural Labour

Providing there are no known medical complications, mum and baby are doing fine, and you’re being scanned regularly coming up to and passed your due date, I’m a big believer in the baby will arrive when it’s good and ready with minimal interference as this can interfere with the baby’s endocrine system creating complications along the way, just some lovely relaxing reflexology treatments to work along side your body and prepare you for giving birth.

The days leading up to delivery can be quite a stressful time for mums-to-be, feeling tired and uncomfortable especially if the date for the arrival of the baby runs past the due date. Reflexology will help to calm and relax you, and the feedback I get from
new mums is when the baby is ‘finally ready to arrive’, they have quick labours, overall a lovely birthing experience, with minimal pain relief.

Reflexology is a natural, non-invasive, safe treatment, however it is always advisable that you consult your midwife before undertaking reflexology.

Infertility, Maternity and Postnatal. Maternity labour

Postnatal Reflexology for new mums.

Huge physical and emotional changes have taken place over the space of 9 months, and in the days following delivery a change in hormone levels may make you feel overwhelmed, taking a bit of time for your body to return to a more balanced state.

Reflexology is a wonderful treatment for new mums giving you that much needed time for yourself, as well as helping with other conditions associated with this postnatal period such as the "baby blues" and postnatal depression, reflexology will help to increase relaxation, de-stress you, improve your sleep, overall mood and wellbeing.

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