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It’s Time To Take Back Control Of Your Fertility. Freedom Fertility Formula

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Taking a Mind/Body approach to support your Emotional health and Well-being, helping you to reclaim the joy in your life, and enhance your opportunity for Fertility Success.

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7 Steps To Fertility Freedom

My aim is to empower you to take back control of your fertility journey, by helping you to improve your Emotional Health and natural Fertility, through the Mind/Body connection, to optimise your chances of getting and staying pregnant.

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Living In The Wait

Living in the wait whilst trying to conceive or through IVF can be one of the hardest things you’ve ever had to face. Fertility challenges can impact so many areas of life; your relationship, family dynamics, friendships, work and colleagues, leisure time, finances as well as your physical and mental health.

So how do you stay resilient and keep going through the difficult days whilst waiting for your longed for baby? The days you want to hide away from the world or feel you don’t have any reserves left to face what comes up. When unpredictable triggers pop up; pregnancy announcements from friends and colleagues or social media posts. Your period arriving or indicators that it is about to.

Emotions can feel raw and overwhelming. We can get stuck, feel hopeless, bounce from feeling hopeful to despair, circling around the same pains, questions and overthinking as yet another month passes without a positive pregnancy result. Yet, it is possible to move through this pain and reclaim joy again.

Restoring Balance To Your Mind & Body

Would you like to move beyond just coping emotionally day to day on your fertility journey, to a solid, resilient place where your hope can grow?

Fertility Mind

The Freedom Fertility Formula™ is a unique blend of Coaching, Counselling and Mind/Body Connection techniques. Whilst there is some crossover with regards to how each of these can help, there are also some distinct differences.

Coaching focuses specifically on what is happening in your life in the here and now. Support to explore things that may be creating barriers to living life in a positive way, with tools and techniques to help you successfully navigate your fertility journey.

Providing the opportunity to explore any emotional difficulty, fears and anxieties, or distress that you might be experiencing. It can help you to cope, make choices that are right for you and change aspects of your situation.

Mind / Body Connection techniques help to remove any subconscious blocks and negative thought patterns that have the potential to hinder the body’s ability to conceive.

Fertility Body

Understand what foods will help to optimise your fertility, and what foods to avoid to reduce inflammation, support gut health, and stabilise blood sugar levels, to balance your hormones.

Understand more about how you can improve your chances by making some key lifestyle changes.

Understand more about what might be driving your symptoms and getting in the way of your fertility.

Help with charting your menstrual cycles to learn when the optimal time is for intercourse and to recognise any problems showing up in your cycle that need to be resolved. You will feel more in control and be able to monitor your progress.

I have a wealth of knowledge to support you on your Fertility journey, from interpreting fertility blood results, to advising on more advanced Fertility testing, to helping you to choose a Fertility clinic (if required).

I can show you how to work certain points on your feet and hands, that link with your lymphatic, endocrine, and reproductive system, that will help to optimise your Fertility success.

From the start of our work together, we’ll practise an instant way to calm your mind and relax your body to restore some well needed balance. We’ll begin to gently and safely shift your brain and body out of it’s ‘emergency state’ by taking the stress out of all your day to day ‘doing’ and decision making. We’ll also build upon your confidence and stronger sense of self trust, without constant overthinking or overwhelm getting in the way.


I offer core sessions, IVF Enhancement support, and a Group support option. All are available online, from the comfort of home via secure Zoom call. You’ll receive online resources including MP3’s, with the opportunity to check in between sessions as you move forwards on your fertility pathway.

Those working with me report significant positive change; rediscovering a place of calm, confidence in the here and now, feeling balanced, emotionally in control, with restored hope and a fresh outlook as they continue with their fertility treatment and journey.



You can arrange a chat with me to find out more:

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I look forward to Working with you.

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