Gaynor Almond Clinical Reflexology Northwich & Warrington, Cheshire

Nutrition and lifestyle guidance

🤍 Optimise Your Emotional Health
The mind-body connection is real, what’s happening in the mind, our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, impacts the body, and fertility.
When we support our Emotional Health it sends your Brain a signal of safety, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, and directing the body’s energy towards healing to achieve homeostasis, rather than to eliminate or escape danger.

🤍 Optimise Your Nutrition
Understand what foods will help to optimise your health, and what foods to avoid to reduce inflammation, support gut health, and stabilise blood sugar levels, to balance your hormones.

🤍 Optimise Your Lifestyle
Understand more about how you can improve your health by making some key lifestyle changes.

🤍 Optimise Your Health
Understand more about what might be driving your symptoms.

🤍 Functional Testing Recommendations
Advanced health testing, and help with interpreting results, including hormonal bloods

*Two tests I recommend to my clients as a starting point are a Full thyroid panel, and full iron panel.

*Additionally I can even teach you how to use Reflexology to support lymphatic drainage, and reduce inflammation to optimise your natural health (please ask me about this).

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