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A Little Bit About Me

Hi I’m Gaynor,

A Holistic Fertility Specialist, and a Clinical Reflexologist, rCNHC, and an Advanced Nutrition student,

I live in Cheshire with my husband Lee and our two daughters, and now our puppy Coco, the latest addition to our family. We are a Blended family.

⭐️A little fact about me, I have never had a positive pregnancy test.⭐️


I have had the privilege of supporting individuals and couples on their fertility journey for 8 years. Offering a pre-conception care plan to those who are struggling to conceive, and wish to improve their chances of a positive outcome. Supporting in all aspects of natural and assisted conception (IUI/IVF/IMSI/ICSI/FET/donor (egg, sperm, embryo).


I initially trained as a Clinical Reflexologist, achieving the highest level in Reflexology, CRM Level 5 Mastership, advanced level diploma, including anatomy and physiology, and modules of fertility and maternity. I am also a full member of Professional Reflexology(PR), and @CNHC.

Completing CPD courses in advanced fertility and reproductive health, Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD), Vertical Reflexology, Reiki, and Gentle Release Therapy. Using a combination of techniques in my holistic treatments to encourage the flow of Chi (energy) to organs and systems in the body, helping to release emotional blockages, and restore balance to the body-mind.

Additional CPD Courses:
The Reproductive Microbiome
The Female Ecology Master-course
Basic Pharmacology and Drug Nutrient Interactions


The final missing piece of the puzzle was wanting to support my clients Emotionally while on their difficult fertility journey, at a much deeper level than I was currently able to offer. Training as a Fertility Coach, in the Freedom Fertility Formula, approach, which provides psychological and Emotional healing embedded in a life planning and accountability journey.

Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™ itself is multi-layered in terms of the transformation it brings to your life, and to fully understand the vast benefits to be gained we must view your life in the form of a system with all its interacting parts. Much like with any system, if we make a change in one area of your Life System we can’t help but create change in all other parts of that system due to the ripple effect.


I also completed CPD courses with top fertility experts in the field of reproductive health, to gain an insight into the male and female reproductive microbiome, The Reproductive Microbiome, and The Female Ecology Mastercourse. Learning how an imbalance in the vaginal and penile microbiome can impact pregnancy outcome by increasing the risk of miscarriage, implantation failure, placenta eruption, and preterm birth. A real eye opener.

Not only was the training invaluable in supporting my clients to optimise their fertility success, it also became invaluable for my own health goals. As I was able to successfully use the protocols to finally treat my recurring UTIs that I had suffered with for many many years. The positive impact this had on my physical and emotional health was unmeasurable, to say it’s been life changing is an understatement.

I now offer Functional testing in this area, please ask me about it.


I am also an Advanced Nutrition Student, with the Nutritional Healing Foundation, using Naturopathic techniques.

In a nutshell naturopathic nutrition is about nourishing the body at a cellular level, to get the good stuff in, and cleansing the body to get the bad stuff out, in-order to restore health to the body-mind. It also delves a lot deeper to get to the root cause looking at internal and external stressors such as our exposure to chemicals/toxins and very importantly, emotional stressors.
I incorporate these principles and techniques into my own life, as well as in my work, supporting women to optimise their Fertility Success.

“There are five important things for living a successful and fulfilling life: never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning.” - Roy Bennett

The Vaginal Microbiome

Why I am passionate about the vaginal microbiome

The vaginal microbiome, the environment of the vagina also known as the vaginal ecology, can hold a lot of unanswered questions for women who are struggling to conceive, have experienced repeated implantation failure, recurrent miscarriage, and placental eruption. It’s an area I’m really passionate about sharing, having suffered with recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs) for many many years due to vaginal dysbiosis (not enough of the good bacteria), as soon as I restored my healthy vaginal microbiome I never got another UTI. Many women I’ve worked with have not been aware that they had endometritis, inflammation in the uterus, this can often be as a result of medical interventions disrupting the natural vagina and uterine flora. Increased inflammation in the uterus makes it very difficult for a fertilised egg or embryo to implant, however there are a few solutions to this problem which I can go into in more detail on a 1:1 if this was a potential concern.

To summarise the microbiome, whether that’s your oral, gut, or vagina microbiome, is about the good bugs, and the bad bugs, and passing down the good bugs to the next generation.

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