Gaynor Almond Clinical Reflexology Northwich & Warrington, Cheshire

Clinic Appointments

Clinic Initial fertility consultation - £58

Online Consultation
(ncludes a treatment plan). - £50

Clinic Follow-up appointments. - £50

Home Visits - £58

Online fertility consultation - £50 (save £8 having it online)

Get your mind and body ready for pregnancy

Whether you’re trying naturally or preparing for your fertility treatment, I’ll help you and your partner to get in the best place possible to optimise your chances of a positive outcome.

A one-to-one consultation with me via Zoom to discuss where you’re up to in your fertility journey, any diagnostic tests you’ve had, your cycle, nutrition, to see if we can identify any little red flags that may be preventing you from conceiving. You’ll then receive a treatment plan which incorporates nutritional and purposeful supplementation advice, smoothie recipes that you and your partner can try, all focused around improving your health, balancing hormones, and reducing stress known to impact fertility. You’ll also get tips on how to properly track your cycle using basal body temperature (BBT), to optimise your chances of conceiving, get advice on which hormonal blood tests to get, and when (if applicable), and I’ll show you simple reflexology techniques that you can easily do on yourself and your partner at home to support your fertility journey.

For more information please email or text.

Telephone or Zoom follow-ups 15 minutes £15 or 30 minutes £25

This can be done by phone, Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp.
This service is to give you continued feedback on how you’re getting on at home with your nutrition, cycle, sleep, hydration, Basal Body Temperature charts (BBT), or anything else that has come up that you’d like to discuss to help you continue with your fertility journey at home as much as possible.


To book a Reflexology Treatment please here or call or text 07895756252

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A reflexology treatment will give you overall balance by helping your mind, body and spirit to feel more relaxed, calmer and rejuvenated, helping you on your road to recovery.

Payment can be made by card, cash or bank transfer.

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