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Gaynor Almond BA (Hons), CNHC - is a Root-Cause Therapist, Fertility Coach, & Clinical Reflexologist, specialising in Fertility & Women’s mental health.


I’m so glad you are here.

Looking for support on your Fertility journey?
You’re in the right place!

I’m Gaynor a Holistic Fertility Therapist.

Offering bespoke programmes to women & couples who have been trying to conceive for a while, with unexplained infertility, after recurring pregnancy loss, or assisted conception treatments IVF/ICSI/donor.

Your mental and emotional health & the mind-body connection truly matter, and are a critical part of the fertility puzzle, and yet is so often overlooked.

A fundamental motivating force of a healthy human psyche is having a sense of purpose, clarity, feeling good in yourself, peace-of-mind & personal growth. Having control in your life and the options to change things, & achieving goals you set for yourself.

This is where my focus lies! Helping you to get to a place where you can thrive in all areas of your life, no-longer putting your life on-hold, while trying to conceive your baby. And in-doing so optimise your chances of a successful outcome.

Your healing journey starts by looking at the Root-Cause of your current presenting symptoms, negative thoughts, behaviours, and overwhelming emotions, empowering you to tap into your innate ability to heal.

To work on all levels of your authentic self, mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually. To heal past emotional pain, baggage & traumas, so you can start to move forward with your life.

As you start to heal these deep-rooted Internal Parts that are continuing to cause you issues/symptoms in your current life, you can start to feel more confidence to believe in yourself, build resilience to tackle harder times or tasks, have the ability to dream of what you want in the future, be creative and have fun, and connect with others (in a healthy way) 🤍.

I have been supporting individuals & couples on their fertility journey for nearly 9 years, taking a bottom-up holistic approach, incorporating the following modalities to support you on your emotional healing journey to parenthood.

🤍 Root-Cause Therapy
-Intuitive trauma & emotional healing.
-Uses regression to get to the root cause of your presenting symptoms/physical issues.
-Removes emotional blocks/limiting beliefs preventing you from achieving your goals.

🤍 Fertility Coaching
-Working with the mind-body connection.
-Teaching you tools & techniques to help you to be more present in the Now.
-Guiding you to take small steps forward to achieve your goals.

🤍 Clinical Reflexology
-Promotes natural hormone balance, cycle regulation & successful ovulation.
-Supports detoxification.

🤍 Nutritional & lifestyle support
-Preconception & IVF preparation
-Optimising your physical health, gut health, to improve egg & sperm quality.

You’re not alone 🤍.

Gaynor x

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Trying for a baby?

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally for the first time with unexplained infertility, after pregnancy loss(es), or require help to prepare for your IUI, FET, IVF, ICSI, donor or Clomid cycle, you’re in the right place. I can help.

It’s highly likely you’re feeling overwhelmed and lost with all the conflicting advice out there. Feeling like you have no control over your trying to conceive journey.

Maybe you have been told all your hormone blood tests are ‘normal’, leaving you feeling frustrated and abandoned by the medical profession, because you have not received an explanation as to why you are still not getting pregnant. And are now being fast-tracked for IVF.

Possibly you are feeling as though trying to conceive is taking over your life, waiting every month to get a positive pregnancy test, or to start your next IVF cycle, hoping for a successful outcome. Struggling to cope with the emotional impact this is having on your mental and physical health.

You’re wanting to take a more ‘whole’ health mind-body holistic approach to support your natural fertility or assisted conception (IVF), and have heard working with a holistic therapist & reflexologist, can help to get you on the right track mentally, physically and spiritually, to enhance your chances of a successful outcome.

Your Fertility journey needn’t be a struggle when you feel emotionally supported

I am a Root-cause therapist, Fertility trained reflexologist, well-being coach, & nutritional advisor, offering an integrated holistic mind-body approach, that supports your natural fertility and emotional health.

I have been supporting clients successfully for nearly 9 years. Seeing clients from all over Cheshire, including Northwich, Knutsford, Tarporley, and Warrington & south Manchester, and remotely around the UK.

Support after pregnancy loss

I am particularly passionate about supporting women wanting to try again after pregnancy loss(es), and fortunately I’ve been able to support many women in this area to go on and carry their healthy babies to term.

I’ll help in empowering you to nurture yourself both emotionally and physically, and take into account any further testing that could help in identifying any underling issues, supporting you on your fertility journey every step of the way.

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Helping you to release and heal emotional blocks subtly sabotaging and inadvertently impacting your fertility,

Pregnancy anxiety

Getting a positive pregnancy test after a difficult journey to get to this point, or after pregnancy loss, can often be filled with mixed emotions, excitement overshadowed by anxiety and fear.

I will gently guide you on an Emotional Healing & Empowering journey, through each stage of your pregnancy.

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Online & in person support available, based in Warrington & Northwich, in Cheshire.

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