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Gaynor Almond BA (Hons), GJC, CRM5, PRM, rCNHC - is a Fertility Coach, and a Clinical Reflexologist

Hello and welcome to my website, I’m Gaynor, a Fertility Coach TTC/IVF, an Early Pregnancy To Parenthood Coach, and a Clinical Reflexologist for Fertility and Women’s Health..

Offering specialist Emotional and Well-being support to individuals and couples, Face-to-Face at Cheshire Natural Health, and Online. Based in Warrington, Cheshire.

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How to contact me

To arrange an appointment Click here.

You can also call or text me on 07895756252.

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Fertility Support

I have had the privilege of supporting individuals and couples on their fertility journey for 8 years. Offering a pre-conception care plan to those who are struggling to conceive, and wish to improve their chances of a positive outcome. Supporting in all aspects of natural and assisted conception (IUI/IVF/IMSI/ICSI/FET/donor (egg, sperm, embryo).

Passionate about empowering my clients to achieve mental, emotional, and physical well-being on their trying to conceive journey, I offer 1-2-1 specialist emotional health and well-being support for individuals and couples who are trying to conceive or experiencing a challenging fertility journey, through Fertility Coaching.

Taking a completely holistic ‘Whole’ health Mind-Body approach, to include:

💜 Emotional support using a blend of mind/body techniques & strategies to ensure you’re taking care of your emotional well-being on a daily basis

💜 Stress management - if you are under stress, especially chronic stress, your body will prioritise adrenal hormone production rather than sex hormone production, as adrenal hormones are necessary for safety and survival. And Procreation takes a back seat.

💜 With the additional option of nutritional and lifestyle advice, plus reflexology treatments to further support your Fertility Success.

All carried out in a motivating therapeutic and coaching way, helping you to feel emotionally stronger, more positive, and hopeful for the future. Empowering you to take back control of not only your fertility but your life too.

“Although you can’t control ‘When’ or ‘How’, you are going to get pregnant, you most definitely can control how you feel emotionally and physically while you are waiting. Helping to reduce the Emotional overwhelm so your Mind and Body are much more Receptive to Conception.”

Gaynor x

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Are you trying to conceive naturally, or do you require help to prepare for your IUI, FET, IVF, ICSI or Clomid cycle?

I have been supporting clients on their fertility journey in the Northwich, Knutsford, Tarporley, and Warrington areas of Cheshire, as well as online, with natural and assisted fertility, successfully for over 8 years. Helping with different conditions such as PCOS, anovulatory cycles (absence of ovulation), endometriosis, irregular cycles, autoimmune conditions, unexplained infertility, low AMH, poor egg quality, and elevated Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells). As well as supporting men with male factor infertility, such as poor sperm quality, low motility, and high morphology.

Support after pregnancy loss
I am particularly passionate about supporting women wanting to try again after pregnancy loss, and fortunately I’ve been able to support many women in this area to go on and carry their healthy babies to term. I’ll help in empowering you to nurture yourself both emotionally and physically, and take into account any further testing that could help in identifying any underling issues, supporting you on your fertility journey every step of the way.

Providing Early maternity reflexologist support after loss, in warrington and other areas of Cheshire.

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Newly Pregnant Maternity Support and Beyond

Early pregnancy support after a difficult Fertility Journey, using the Freedom Family Formula™.

Supporting newly pregnant individuals and couples after trauma, pregnancy loss, a difficult birth, general anxiety, using Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™, to help you feel Calm, Confident and in Control, and Maternity Reflexology.

Getting a positive pregnancy test after a difficult fertility journey for many of my existing clients, can often be filled with mixed emotions, excitement overshadowed by anxiety and fear. Feeling they can’t enjoy their pregnancy until they’ve reached their 20 week milestone, and or are holding their baby in their arms.

I support newly pregnant women and couples, through each step of their pregnancy with their mental and emotional wellness after a difficult Fertility Journey. Taking you (and your partner) on a healing journey to parenthood with the Freedom Family Formula.

Please contact me for more information.

The Freedom Family Formula™

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