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Freedom Fertility FIrst-Aid™. Freedom Fertility Formula

Freedom Fertility First-Aid™

Your first step working with me on an emotional healing and life empowering journey, that gives all the power back to you.

Infertility can leave you feeling debilitated, due to enormous stress, anxiety and emotional pain. The Freedom Fertility Formula is a mixture of coaching counselling and mind/body work to help you unravel the emotional overwhelm. Giving you the knowledge and powerful tools, so you can handle any difficult situation you are faced with, feeling Calm, Confident and Emotionally in Control.

Helping you to have more joy in your life while you wait,


Freedom Fertility FIrst-Aid™. First Aid

Saying enough to the pain of waiting

I don't need to tell you that struggling with fertility issues can become overwhelming, you are living that overwhelm on a daily basis, affecting your mental, physical and emotional health, and often impacting on all areas of your life,

The length of waiting to see those two pink lines on a stick you've pee'd on (your partner has pee'd on), feels like hell on earth doesn't it? I’m not talking about the two minutes the test takes, although when you are struggling to conceive, waiting that two minutes can feel never-ending as well can't it? What I am referring to is the months and years that some couples are forced to spend waiting, to finally get to see the result on that stick they are 'praying' for.

Whilst I appreciate that everyone is different in terms of what they can and can't cope with, if you are on a difficult fertility journey, it is probably one of the hardest things (if not THE hardest thing) you have ever had to deal with. In some way shape or form you are probably feeling forced to put your life on hold and not only are you 'Living in the Wait', you are 'WAITING TO LIVE'.Here's the really important thing I want you to know.


I acknowledge though that when a person is in a place of deep pain it is not always possible to see a way forward.


Freedom Fertility First-Aid™

This is where the Freedom Fertility First-Aid™ comes in as it gives you the opportunity to explore exactly how your fertility struggle is affecting your life and your emotional well-being. Much like traditional first-aid, it's aim is to prevent more 'damage' occurring until treatment can be provided for the wound. In this case the emotional wounds that come with a difficult fertility journey.

This is therapeutic in itself because you will be sharing with someone who knows how to listen. However, Freedom Fertility First-Aid™ aims to go way beyond just helping you to feel better whilst you are working with me. You will also learn a very simple and powerful technique to ensure that you always have a way to feel emotionally in control, no matter what is going on in your life at the time. Making sure that you are not spending excessive amounts of time in an Emergency State which is harmful to your physical and emotional well-being as well as your ability to get pregnant.

Unique Strategy For You

F.R.E.E.™ stands for 'Feel Right Emotionally Empowered' which is designed to continually give all the power back to you. As your Fertility Specialist I will work with you from a state of belief that you know how to handle and resolve all challenges that may come up in your life. That you have all of the answers within you as to what is right for you on your fertility journey and for your life, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden inside right now.

The skill as your Fertility Specialist lies, in me knowing the right questions to ask you, and having the right tools and techniques to help you to find those answers within yourself.

You are your own best expert with regards to knowing what you need on your fertility journey and what is right for YOU. As a Fertility Specialist I am an expert in making sure that you have the right F.R.E.E.™ Life Strategy to complement that. As such, I will help you to discover what your own personal way for 'Living in the Wait' looks like.

I don't need to tell you that struggling with fertility issues can become overwhelming, you are living that overwhelm on a daily basis. Many of my clients have likened their fertility struggles to being trapped in an emotional prison, from which it is hard to escape. Their partners feel equally trapped but they are stuck on the outside, often hiding their own pain and feeling helpless and not knowing what to do. Working with a Fertility Specialist helps to F.R.E.E.™ both you and your partner, by enabling you to reconcile being able to focus positively on your life together once again, whilst holding onto your dream of having a baby.

Having A 'Best Buddy Who Gets It'

There is an added bonus to working with a Fertility Specialist which is that they will feel like having a 'Best Buddy Who Gets It'. This is an incredibly powerful bonus to have because (in)fertility can be very isolating can't it? It's tough, it's cruel and it's debilitating, and even when you do share your journey people don't normally get it. Sometimes they may be really obviously uncomfortable if you try and tell them what you are going through, which can make you feel even worse can't it? Others may throw out some useless platitudes which exasperate you. The worse ones I think you will agree, are the people that think it's appropriate to give you advice. Many of my clients have said that this has them wanting to scream in the person's face, "so you are suddenly a beeping expert in fertility are you?"

As a Fertility Specialist I not only know how to listen to make sure you feel heard, I also know how to guide you without telling you what to do, and I know how to ask you all of the right questions to help you uncover the answers that are already there deep down inside of you. I will also be available via text/email and the occasional SOS call if required between sessions, at no additional cost, because I am sure you will agree it's no good having a Best Buddy Who 'Gets It' if you can't contact them when you need.

Emotional & Well-being Support After Loss.

“I found Gaynor during the depth of my despair following two miscarriages.

I was at the beginning of my journey to try again and I strongly believe that Gaynor’s support has got me to where I am now.

Much of my frustration came from seeing different drs without anyone really joining the dots.

Gaynor not only gave me the emotional support I needed, but pieced together everything I had been through physically.
This included advice on nutrition, vitamin supplements and general support.

Most importantly, Gaynor got me to an accepting mindset and i don’t think it was a coincidence that I fell pregnant following this.

My experience with Gaynor has been far more than I expected. I walked in expecting some great reflexology and continue to walk out with just that, but also with the added bonus of a fertility coach and therapist.

I have always been so impressed at how Gaynor will drop me an email just to check in on me or to send something I might find helpful. My journey with Gaynor will definitely not end here!”

Supporting my client through her Donor egg cycle

“I first met Gaynor after we had been trying for a baby for just over 4 years and on our 3rd round of IVF.

We had done 2 rounds with my own eggs but due to having such poor results with embryo's developing and not surviving thaws, we knew we couldn't go through another round of heartbreak with such low chances and so looked into an egg donor.

After research and talking through with close family members the decision felt right and this was still a chance that I could carry and grow our baby. We went into our third round of IVF feeling slightly more optimistic about our chances but after our 1st transfer didn't work we had reached rock bottom and I knew I needed to do something to change my frame of mind.

I did some research into alternative therapies and that is how I came across Gaynor. Gaynor went to work straight away helping me re-set my negative thoughts through talk-throughs and breathing exercises.

From our first session she taught me that it is so important to have nurturing thoughts and tell your mind and body that it is safe to carry a baby, imagine the baby growing inside you, imagine it kicking and holding it on your chest, these are thoughts I would never allow myself to have previously as I thought I would be building myself up for more disappointment.

Gaynor helped me through the many early stages of IVF from testing days to the early scans and the tools/techniques she taught me to handle these I still use today to help me stay in the positive mind set and block out any negative thoughts. The scripts that Gaynor read to me have been extremely useful and after a few sessions I felt so much more positive about the next transfer.

I am now 14 weeks pregnant and I can honestly say I don't think we would be where we are without the help, support, advice and guidance from Gaynor, I just wish I had met her sooner in our journey!”

Providing Emotional health and well-being support to my client after a challenging fertility journey

“My FFF sessions with Gaynor have been invaluable. We have been trying for a baby for 7 years, 5 of those have been through IVF, and we have had 3 losses along the way. When I started the sessions with Gaynor I was in a dark place, feeling anxious about the future and fearful of our next steps. Many friends have children and many have had babies recently which has been tough, and left me feeling isolated after our last miscarriage. Triggers were everywhere and they were sending me into a spiral of anxiety and depression all the time, meaning I was either avoiding situations or pushing myself to enter situations then falling apart afterwards.

When Gaynor told me about FFF I knew I had to give it a shot and find out if living in the present and enjoying life again was possible. I felt hopeless but this gave me hope that things could feel different, that I could live in the wait and gain my life back, in fact gain our life back!

Gaynor is so empathic; she just gets it and that to me is a huge thing as it means I can say anything that’s on my mind without holding back. Infertility can be a lonely place, and I feel very lucky that Gaynor has been there for me as she is for so many women and couples. She dedicates so much time to clients, contacting between sessions to see how things are, and she has an absolute wealth of knowledge about fertility.

The techniques Gaynor has taught me throughout the FFF sessions have been great. I’ve tried so many things throughout our fertility journey to try and move out of the negative feelings about life now and the future, but I have never had techniques to practice myself. I was open minded to see where this took me, and I have to say it has been a challenging and incredibly positive journey with Gaynor alongside me.

After all this time I feel I am coping better with triggers by using the techniques regularly, I am allowing myself to say no and look after myself without guilt, and I feel stronger and more resilient again. I am so much more hopeful that our time will come, it’s just not right now, but right now we can live our lives in the wait, and feel excited about the future and what comes next for us.

Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart xxx“

Supporting My Client Through IVF

When I first visited Gaynor, I was about 2.5 years into our trying to conceive journey. After testing etc I had been diagnosed with PCOS and I had begun a course of 3 cycles of clomid which I had been fortunate enough to meet the requirements to be prescribed on the NHS. I had also been doing acupuncture sessions weekly for about 8 months but wasn’t sure it was totally for me and had been recommended to look into the potential holistic benefits to fertility of reflexology. I was determined that if I was going to try reflexology then I wanted it to be with a specialist in fertility which brought me to Gaynor.

At my first appointment she went through my medical history really throughly and was thoroughly empathetic with my situation, something that I had underestimated how much I needed. Fertility treatment is often an isolating and lonely place to be but Gaynor really helped put me at ease and for the first time I began to feel more in control of what was happening. She talked me through exactly what she was doing and explained how this would change at different parts of the cycle (stimulating follicle growth etc). She gave me tips and techniques as to what I could do at home with simple exercises that would support the work she was doing as well. I was also asked to fill in a questionnaire that helped with suggestions for food / supplement recommendations that are proven to help with fertility issues and pcos particularly.

As soon as I began my treatment sessions with Gaynor I noticed a difference in the results I was getting at follicle scans and I actually began ovulating which I hadn’t been doing before on the clomid alone. I also felt better and more relaxed about what was happening and generally healthier.

After I had finished the rounds of clomid my husband and I made the decision to pursue private treatment which resulted in us is starting an IVF cycle. Again the reflexology paid a key part in working alongside the drugs I was taking in promoting and controlling follicle growth. I am certain that my regular sessions with Gaynor were a key factor in helping us to secure our positive pregnancy test on our first full cycle of treatment and something that we will be both be eternally grateful for.

By the end of my session I felt that I had gained a friend in Gaynor who as well as treating me during the process, had listened, supported and given me impartial advice at times when I very much needed it! I cannot emphasise the importance of helping your body in every way possible during fertility struggles and although we still needed medical intervention alongside, I would never discount the vital part in the limiting of the effects and the success of the treatment that reflexology had. If we ever decide to add again to our family the first appointment I will make will be with Gaynor and I would urge anybody in the same position to do the same.”


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