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Passionate about helping Women & Men to heal fear, anxiety & trauma to create peace, clarity, purpose & personal growth, so you can experience higher levels of Freedom & live a Fulfilling Life. 🤍

What is Root-Cause Therapy?

Root-Cause Therapy is a regression and progression emotional and trauma healing therapy, aiming to get to the root cause of people's problems and symptoms, where real long term change is possible.

As a trained therapist I use a set framework to look at all the contributing factors holistically. Then use testing and measuring, then complete trauma and limiting belief healing.

The method has been inspired by a number of processes, including NLP, Regression Therapy, Talk Therapy, Inner Child Healing, Breathwork and more.

The Centre for Healing has used this method since 2016 in their Mental Health and Addiction Centre in Melbourne, conducting thousands of sessions with incredible results.

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Meet Gaynor


I’m so glad you are here🤍.

Looking for support on your Healing journey?
You’re in the right place!

I’m a trauma informed Root-Cause Therapist (RCT) - for Women & couples Mental Health (fear, anxiety, depression & trauma).

Meaning I approach my clients with the core belief that “there is nothing inherently wrong with you…and let’s help you to find and heal the root cause of your presenting struggles (on all levels mental, emotional, spiritual & physical) in the context of your lived experiences, unmet needs and traumas.”

Especially if you believe nothing stands out for you from your childhood or growing up as being worthy of naming, which may have actually left some wounds to heal.

Providing a safe and supportive space for you to not only talk about your current issues, but to dive deep to get to the root-cause of why you think, feel, and behave the way you do, for effective and safe emotional and trauma healing.

Root-Cause Therapy. Happy life

Initial Consultation

This is your Free initial 15 minute phone consultation.  To assess whether Root-Cause Therapy is right for you, and for you to share what issues you would like to overcome, and goals you would like to achieve.  I can go into more detail how I can help you, and about the root-cause therapy techniques I will be using to support you, and answer any questions you may have. 

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Root-Cause Therapy. Subconscious beliefs

We have to redefine the definition of trauma.

Not all trauma is catastrophic, but even everyday trauma — left unresolved — can have painful consequences.

Just by being shamed for experiencing emotions has a damaging effect on our brain and nervous system.

Neither is it always about what happened to us, quite often it is about what didn't happen, when our needs are unmet.

This can leave a very damaging and lasting imprint that we carry with us for the rest of our lives.

Trauma is a moment when our body went into a state of alarm causing our nervous system to become dysregulated, so it can protect us in the future.

Getting to the Root-Cause

Root-Cause Therapy. Fight flight freeze fawn

Can you relate to any of these trauma responses?

Photocredit: Anandahealingproject

We learned these responses, emotional triggers, coping strategies, often in our early years, growing up, or in later life…to help us cope with traumatic situations.

Grown from unprocessed and unhealed wounds.

When we are stuck in either of these survival modes fight/flight/freeze/fawn, we are in a state of “protection”.

Our autonomic nervous system (ANS) is keeping us safe.

Root-cause therapy helps you to come out of protection mode and back into connection.

If you have a feeling something isn’t right, and can relate to anything in the image…

The first step is reaching out to ask for help.

Root-Cause Therapy. Healing no longer controls you

Are you seeing your current situation through the filter of your past unprocessed trauma, unmet needs & emotional pain?

Would you like to get to the root cause of why you feel, think and behave the way you do, to energetically release the emotion attached to that event, so you’re not controlled by it anymore?

Sometimes things have happened to us in our life that have caused us overwhelming emotional pain, unmet needs, trauma, attachment trauma, generational trauma, that are still having an impact on our lives today.

Root-cause therapy is a trauma healing method that uses regression to allow the completion of unprocessed emotions which are still presently causing unwanted thoughts, behaviours and symptoms in one's life.

Working with the deeper parts of the mind (unlike talk therapy), to help you find, explore and release the dysregulated feelings from a place of safety, in the events where you have unresolved Fear.

In other words guiding you to heal yourself in order to release the trauma, so you can Thrive not just survive.

Because when the root cause is healed symptoms shift automatically 🌱.

What happens if you get the message “You’re not good enough” or “You’re not worthy enough”?

Root-Cause Therapy. Childhood trauma

How does Root-Cause Therapy help you to heal your negative thoughts, behaviours & overwhelming emotions?

Root-Cause Therapy. How does Root-cause therapy help you to heal

What is Root-Cause Therapy?

Root-Cause Therapy is a powerful advanced style of therapy which assists people in getting to the root-cause of their current presenting symptoms.

Do you experience negative self talk, unhelpful habits and behaviours, or perhaps PTSD and procrastination, from low self belief because of painful events in the past or anxiety about the future?

It’s time to not only talk about the issues - but to start to heal them on a deeper level where real long term change is possible.

The power of this method lies in the way that it works on all levels of our mind. The conscious mind, so you reading this now and the unconscious mind - where our automatic learnt behaviors and bottled up emotions reside.

Unlike hypnosis, which can create a fear of lack of control, and unlike talk therapy which can leave you feeling worse with a long-time frame to create change in behaviors and thoughts - this type of healing creates a space for you to unravel why you do, think or feel the way you do - and discover and shift any unwanted patterns consciously, with you in the driving seat along with my knowledge and guidance.

Not only are we working on the Root-Cause of your issues, in each session we use what is called a ‘Testing Sheet’. This allows us to closely monitor subtle shifts and changes - to give you tangible data, and as your qualified therapist I am able to pinpoint priorities in each session based on your goals.

Root-cause Therapy focuses on finding and healing the cause of people's current symptoms. It uses guided imagery, breathwork and a reconnecting to the true self through structured and professional sessions.

As the layers start to release you will start to feel more energetic, and the negative thoughts associated with your difficult emotions, and limiting beliefs, will start to disappear.

When we heal trauma, shift limiting beliefs and patterns, it starts to have a positive ripple effect on all areas of our life.

The benefits to you can include reduced stress & anxiety, increased self confidence and focus, knowing your purpose, experiencing feelings like peace, love & happiness, improved sleep, physical health & relationships, and so much more 🤍.


You can have many beliefs shift in only 1 session, and experience significant positive changes to your emotional well-being as a result, however it is recommended to have more than one session to allow for deep belief patterns to shift.

It also gives you time to reflect on how far you have come since your first session, and what baggage has been left behind, allowing you to go deeper with my guidance to create bigger shifts around more significant trauma’s in your life.

It’s normal for clients to feel a little nervous before their session, this may be about what could come up for them, or how they might respond. Please be reassured that firstly you are the one in control of your healing, I am just their to guide you, your unconscious-mind wont take you to anything it doesn't feel you can’t handle.

I often find clients will go to an earlier, smaller event in their first session, releasing emotions in that event will automatically heal
all the subsequent events when you felt that emotion or had that belief. as they are all chronologically linked.

I promise you, you’ll feel safe, held and listened to.

Thank you for trusting me to support you on your healing journey. I'm so honoured you're here.

What to expect after your Root-Cause therapy healing session

Root-Cause Therapy. What to expect after your root-cause therapy healing

Root-Cause Therapy. Coping strategies

Single session - £127 (2 hour live Zoom session)

We will get clear on your goals, what you want to heal, identify any emotional blocks, and limiting beliefs you might have through muscle testing, that are stopping you from moving forward and living your best life.

Then we go through a healing to release 1-3 limiting beliefs.

Sessions take place over Zoom

What I can support you with:

🤍 Anxiety & Stress

🤍 Grief and Loss

🤍 Shame & Guilt

🤍 Depression

🤍 Physical issues

🤍Emotional eating

🤍 Relationships (with yourself & others)

🤍 Trauma

🤍 Unexplained (in)fertility

🤍 Pregnancy loss

🤍 Childlessness

🤍 Sexual assault, rape


🤍 Addiction

🤍 Postpartum depression (diagnosed)

🤍 Perimenopause & Menopause anxiety

To arrange a Free discovery chat for more information about working with me on your healing journey, please get in touch here.

What is the difference between Root-Cause Therapy & Time Line Therapy?

The founder of Root-cause therapy Melissa Hiemann (who I personally trained with), was originally trained in NLP, Hypnosis and Timeline therapy, but found that there were key missing elements to the training.

These are the somatic elements that were missing:

When someone was in an event, with NLP you are taught to reframe to shift the emotion, but when you look at this in terms of shadow work, it just pushes the emotions further down into the unconscious, causing more fragmentation (and of course can be dangerous). So we assist clients to process the emotions correctly and then gain the learnings once the emotion filters are resolved.

Secondly, there was no set way that sessions were run and no clear procedures from session to session. So Melissa created what's called a Testing Sheet to confidently take clients through a session, along with elements of applied kinesiology, so assumptions aren't made on what trauma's or limiting beliefs need to be worked on and prioritised in each session.

The future part of the healing has also been adjusted, rather than placing something in the future (which could be a goal created from ego/avoidance of pain), we ask that the clients highest self show the client the highest path and then gain learnings from the future self that way.

EMDR vs Root-cause Therapy Treatment Benefits

Root-Cause Therapy. Difference RCT & EMDR

Benefits of Root-Cause Therapy at a glance

🤍 Takes a bottom-up approach working with the deeper parts of the mind (unlike talk therapy), to address trauma in the body, that enables a person to explore the dysregulated feelings after safety and stabilisation are built and felt. To help create healing, and lasting change.

🤍 Uses kinesiology (muscle testing) so assumptions aren't made on what trauma's or limiting beliefs need to be worked on and prioritised in each session.

Helps you to unravel why you do, think or feel the way you do - and discover and shift any unwanted patterns consciously, with you in the driving seat along with my knowledge and guidance.

🤍 Many traumas healed within one session.

🤍 Hidden ancestral, past life. in the womb, or from infant to now can be brought to light, so the actual root cause is found and whole patterns or group of traumas are healed (especially if CPTSD).

🤍 Works simply and effectively online over video call (from the comfort of your own home).

Completely released unprocessed emotions quickly and effectively.

🤍 No homework required for you in between sessions.

🤍 Evidence informed (several evidence based methods used within this method).

Similar to exposure therapy but then allowing the client to fully process the event.

🤍 Assists you to process known and suppressed emotions and trauma, correctly in the event, and then gain the learnings.

🤍 Allows replacement of negative thoughts and beliefs with positive beliefs and learnings, once the emotion filters are resolved (unlike NLP which uses reframing to shift the emotion, pushing the emotion further down into the unconscious).

Root-Cause Therapy. Freedom

What is trauma?

We have to redefine the definition of trauma, we have all experienced trauma whether it’s small or big moments in our life…it’s trauma.

Trauma is different for everyone, it’s a fundamental feeling of fear and a perceived lack of safety.

It can be obvious - war, car accidents, physical injury, domestic abuse, abuse of any kind, sexual assault, natural disasters, physical injury, but it can also be hidden trauma.

It is a disconnection from Self, from who we really are.

Whether it’s obvious or hidden, generational trauma, having that feeling of “I am not good enough”, “I fear conflict”, “I’m not worthy” - it’s trauma.

It’s those moments when we physically felt fear, perhaps moments from our childhood that we may not even remember or feel are not worthy of mentioning.

A moment when our body went into a state of alarm causing our nervous system to become dysregulated.

Instantly locking-in that pattern into our nervous system so it can protect us in the future.

The moments when we felt unsafe to fully process our emotion, so it becomes “stuck” in our body. This is how limiting beliefs are formed, limiting beliefs like “I am not worthy”, “I am not good enough”, “It’s not safe to relax”, or “I fear conflict”.

Ultimately it is anything that you think is trauma that is having an impact in your life, and you.

A dysregulated nervous system, unprocessed emotions and deep rooted limiting beliefs can cause us to feel “stuck” in our life, because our nervous system wants to keep us safe.

For true healing to take place and to repair a dyregulated nervous system, we must get to the root cause so we can release the trapped emotions somatically once safety is established, gain the learnings, and take the wisdom we have now back to our younger-self (spiritual reparenting).

Ready to take your first step to experience more freedom, peace, clarity & growth…so you can start to live the life you deserve?


Everyone wants to feel seen and heard, and their feelings to be understood and accepted.

When someone opens up to us about a traumatic event, it is not for us to decide if the event is traumatic enough to label its severity.

The only person who gets to decide if something is traumatic, is the person who experienced it.

Emotional Validation is the foundation for feelings of safety.

Compared with emotional invalidation…telling someone that their internal emotional experience is not important, or as serious as someone who has been through more obvious trauma, is painful and detrimental to the human psyche..

Hidden trauma can look like:

🤍Anxiety, grief, depression, loss, isolation, loneliness, overwhelm.

🤍Physical/medical issues such as brain fog headaches, migraines, cancer, eating disorders, addiction.

🤍Relationship issues, codependency, domestic abuse, divorce, separation, financial struggles that can go along with that.

🤍Bullied at school and in the workplace, racism, sexism, harassment, assault.

🤍Parents emotionally unavailable when you were growing up.

🤍Hormone changes impacting your emotional health, perimenopause-related depression, premature menopause, menopause, surgical menopause, premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

🤍Infertility, IVF, childlessness not by choice.

🤍 Pregnancy loss, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, early infant loss.

🤍Postpartum depression.

Can all be hugely traumatic.

How is Trauma showing up in your life?

Inner Child Healing

Getting to the Root-Cause of your negative thoughts, limiting beliefs & behaviours

Around most of who we are today is being influenced by our experiences from ages 0-7, crucially the first 2 years of life, often when our limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world around us are formed, then it makes sense that we are concerned with the 'inner child' in therapeutic settings.

When we have unmet needs, emotional pain, or trauma in early childhood, growing up, or later in life, we may get the message that “I am not worthy enough”, “I am not good enough”, “I fear being alone”, “I fear failure”, “I fear conflict”, sticking with us throughout our life unless fully processed and healed. Causing us to feel “stuck” and preventing us from achieving our goals, because we are making decisions from a limited view of ourselves and avoidance of pain.

These built-up layers that have caused us to forget that we are already worthy, we are already good enough, we are already valuable, and we are already lovable, can stop us from moving forward.

So in order to help you get closer to achieving your goals, and have peace-of-mind while you do, we have to first go back and heal the past. To let go of the parts that don’t believe you are already good enough, you are already worthy, you are already valuable, and you are already loveable, just as you are.

Otherwise we are going to come up against resistance - negative self talk & limiting beliefs coming up time and time again, telling you it’s not safe to do that, or you’re not good enough, or what if it doesn’t workout, what if I fail?

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